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Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween! We’re definitely not those dentists who will tell you to never eat candy. A once a year binge will not cause a million cavities!

Cavities, while frightening, don't happen mysteriously overnight. Prolonged and routine exposure to sugar feeds bacteria which produce acid that demineralizes (eventually rots) teeth over time and even entrench themselves further by building up a sticky film to live in - plaque. Plaque calcifies or hardens into tartar over time, making a fortress for those bacteria! AND also contribute to gum disease.

It's DEVIOUSLY simple, what these bacteria do. YOU FEED THEM every time you eat, especially when you eat simple sugars. And if you let them live unhindered in the nooks and crannies of your mouth, tooth decay is the predictable outcome.

Another way to develop cavities is from MALNUTRITION. Yeah, you don’t think this happens here in the US of A.. think again.. teeth, like any other organ in the body need nutrition to stay healthy. Everyone seems to know that there is a nerve inside the tooth, but did you know that there is blood supply brining in oxygen and nutrients to the inside of the tooth? Also, the lymphatic system inside the tooth drains the toxins and other waste products out. Some people are malnourished due to poor choices in their diet, and some can in effect be malnourished due to their food not being able to be absorbed or processed by their body.

Sooo, healthy diet, properly working digestive system, regular toothbrushing, flossing, irrigating, and professional dental cleanings are all important in keeping our mouth, teeth, gums, and smile in tip top shape.

Let us know if we can help you with any of the above (except the home care - we’re not coming to your bathroom to help you brush/floss/irrigate – we can TEACH you how to do it properly ;-)

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