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Invisalign in Dallas, TX

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

So you’ve decided to make this year the year that you straighten your teeth. Dr. Willison and her team at the Dallas Center for Oral Health & Wellness applaud your decision. Straight teeth don’t only look better and boost your confidence, they are also easier to keep clean, therefore help prevent gum disease. Therefore, a straight smile can also contribute to better overall oral health. Now you just need to decide between traditional braces made of metal brackets and wires or braces that are practically invisible. Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment system that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth. With Invisalign in Dallas, our doctors can give you that beautiful straight smile you’ve always wanted and hardly anyone will see that you’re wearing braces!


The advantages of Invisalign don’t begin and end with the fact that they’re made of clear, smooth plastic. Invisalign aligners are also more comfortable to wear than traditional braces because there aren’t any wires or brackets to poke and irritate soft tissue. And unlike metal braces, you won’t have a single appointment to adjust or tighten your Invisalign braces. Just wear them according to instructions and attend regularly scheduled progress checks in our office.


Another distinct advantage of Invisalign is that these braces are removable. You will need to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day in order to complete your orthodontic treatment on time. However, when it’s time for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack, all you have to do is remove the aligners and eat whatever you like. There are typically diet restrictions for people wearing traditional braces, because certain foods can break a bracket or dislodge a wire. Also, you’ll remove your clear braces when you want to brush or floss your teeth, too. This is extremely advantageous when it comes to avoiding cavities and gum disease during orthodontic treatment.


As a certified Invisalign provider, Dr. Willison works closely with Invisalign’s technicians to develop a treatment plan that addresses your individual orthodontic needs. This plan is based on digital x-rays, photos, and digital scans of your teeth that we take here in our office. Invisalign then creates a virtual representation of how your teeth will move during treatment. You and and the doctor will be able to see what your finished smile will look like even before you wear your first set of aligners.

You wear each pair for about two weeks, throw them away and then start wearing the next pair in the set. Treatment is usually completed within a few months.


To learn more about Invisalign or schedule a consultation with Dr. Willison, call the Dallas Center for Oral Health & Wellness today.

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