General Dentistry

Prevention should be taken very seriously when it comes to dental care. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could maintain your natural teeth for life? Here in Dallas, Dr. Anna Willison and her team offer several general dentistry services that can help keep your smile whole and healthy for years to come. Our skilled staff always takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable and listened to during appointments, and we use the latest tools so that treatment is as smooth and effective as possible. Our office atmosphere will help you feel right at home as we handle all of the hard work!

Image by Nick Fewings
Beautiful Smile

Dental Check-Ups & Cleanings

We generally recommend that patients visit our office every six months (or twice a year) in order to receive thorough check-ups and refreshing cleanings. Dr. Willison will carefully inspect your gums and each of your teeth for any signs of potential issues that may need attention. Once we know the full story about the current state of your smile, we can discuss potential treatment options that fit your schedule, budget, and unique preferences. An in-depth cleaning from our hygienist will leave your enamel looking and feeling nicely polished as well.

We offer several general services to help treat and prevent common dental issues as well, including:

  • Preventive cleanings and dentistry for the whole family

  • Periodontal treatments – deep cleanings, laser gum treatments

  • Restorative dentistry – white/tooth colored fillings, natural crowns

  • Implant dentistry – surgical placement as well as restorations of current implants

  • Dentures and prosthodontics – natural looking acrylic resin or zirconia porcelain

  • Implant supported dentures – hybrid or “All on 4”

  • Oral surgery – including teeth extractions and tongue/lip-tie release

  • Sedation dentistry – provided by an anesthesiologist doctor

  • Treatment of bruxism and TMJ pain – utilizing a variety of oral appliances and supportive treatment modalities

  • Sleep apnea and UARS treatments – utilizing a variety of oral appliances and collaborative treatments

  • CBCT – cone beam computed tomography – to visualize oral and surround structures in a 3D view

  • Teeth whitening – Zoom in office whitening or take home products

  • Cosmetic dentistry – veneers, full mouth reconstruction

Contact our Dallas, TX dental office today if you have any questions or concerns about our general care, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment with Dr. Willison and her team! You deserve personalization attention when it comes to dental care; we’ll always be sure to meet your needs and leave you feeling comfortable and confident in the state of your teeth. Let us make your smile our top priority.