Dentures & Partials

Having one or more missing teeth is not simply a matter of appearances – although this is a serious concern that can have emotional and psychological consequences. But even one missing tooth can affect your oral and general health, too. You may not be able to eat a fully nutritious diet; adjacent teeth can shift and cause your bite to become misaligned; and gum disease is more prevalent among people who have teeth missing. And all of these can even lead to more missing tooth loss. Therefore, the need to replace missing teeth is not a choice, but rather a necessity.

Dentures and partials have been a reliable tooth replacement option for many years and continue to be so. Dr. Willison will work with you to create a prosthetic that fits comfortably, looks natural and functions just like your real teeth.

Patient and Dentist
Image by Diana Polekhina

Full Dentures in Dallas

A full denture is an oral appliance that will restore your smile if you’ve lost all of your teeth along your upper arch, lower arch or both. Built on a base made to look like natural gum tissue, dentures can be held in place by suction and adhesive paste or dental implants. With implant-retained dentures, Dr. Willison surgically inserts posts at strategic points in your jaw. Then, the denture can be attached to the posts for a more secure fit. Many people who have worn dentures for years opt to have implant-retained dentures and report feeling much more confident knowing that their smiles are firmly anchored. They no longer have to worry about their dentures slipping, clicking or even falling out when they bite, chew, talk or laugh.

Partial Dentures in Dallas

For patients who are partially edentulous, meaning that they still have some of their natural teeth, Dr. Willison will design a removable or fixed partial denture. A removable partial denture is usually built on a metal framework that is attached to surrounding teeth with clasps or brackets. A fixed partial, more commonly referred to as a bridge, is permanently bonded into place. Called a bridge because it bridges the gap left by missing teeth, this tooth replacement can be affixed to natural teeth or to a dental implant.

A bridge consists of two abutment crowns that are placed over healthy teeth on either side of your missing teeth. Alternatively, if these teeth aren’t strong enough, the crowns can be affixed to dental implants instead. Attached to these crowns are the false teeth, also called pontics, which bridge the gap in your smile. Once cemented in to place, this crown and bridge provides a permanent solution to tooth loss.

For more information about full and partial dentures or to schedule an appointment, call the Dallas, TX, office of Dr. Anna Willison. Our office is conveniently located at Medical City, and we serve patients from North Dallas, Far North Dallas, Richardson, Garland, and the entire metroplex. We are eager to help you once again enjoy the ability to smile, chew and talk with confidence thanks to the partial and full dentures Dallas smiles with!